Be prepared - Research the company you are interviewing with ahead of time and what they are looking for in this position. Come up with 3 questions you can ask during the interview.


Dress for the interview.  Always dress one step up from what you would typically wear if performing the job.  IE:  Jeans/T-shirt job.  Where a clean pair of jeans not stained or Khaki pants and a polo shirt.


Be On Time – It is always best to arrive 5 – 10 minutes early to an interview to give yourself time to be calm and prepared.


Firm Handshake and Eye Contact – When you meet with the interviewer(s) be sure to have a firm handshake. This shows confidence. During the interview always make eye contact. This shows your interest in the interviewer, company, and position.


Be Positive – Ensure that your responses have a positive tone. Try to avoid negative comments. Don’t bad mouth past employers.


Relax – Realize you are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you. Engage in conversation.


Express your interest – If you feel this position is the right match for you at the end of the interview let the interviewer know. Express your interest and why you feel you would be the right fit for this position.


Close the Interview – Be sure to give a firm handshake again and thank the interviewer for their time and address them by their name. Ask them when a decision will be made.

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