Why Atlas Staffing

Quality, qualified Employees
Atlas is committed to providing the best employees available. All candidates are tested for various abilities. If appropriate, we can develop a customized method to screen candidates for particular positions. All employees are checked for references and drug testing and criminal background check services are also available.

Atlas is able to respond to changes in your orders and needs. We are very successful in providing permanent employees and/or filling last minute positions. So short term or long term, full time or part time, temporary or permanent, Atlas is the staffing solution.


Responsive service
Atlas’s business is built on our reputation for providing excellent customer service. We know our clients, their business, their needs and their staffing requirements. We build partnerships by listening, following through, and staying in close contact. We strive to be proactive rather than reactive.


Multiple Locations
With 14 offices in the metro area, Atlas gives you access to one of the largest work forces in the Metro area. This large work force combined with our commitment to exceeding your expectations makes Atlas the right choice for staffing.


Customized Recruiting
Atlas has an innovative recruiting and marketing strategy. We recruit individual through social media, job fairs, community-based organizations, newspapers, job boards and the internet. These methods allow Atlas to develop and implement a recruiting strategy specifically for you at our expense. We will ensure that you have the quality and quantity of employees you need.

Wide variety of skills
With our large employee base, Atlas is able to provide employees with a wide variety of employment needs. Click to see the many positions we are able to provide. We have the right employee for you.


Clerical Division
Atlas has a clerical division to supply your office needs.

Applicant Screening


Atlas Staffing has an extensive applicant screening process. This process includes the following items below:

• I-9 Verification

• Face to Face Interview

• Database of Numerous Skill Sets

• Verify Work History

• Performance Tracking Database

• Testing

• Reading/Comprehension in English

• Basic Math/Measuring Test

• Visual Recognition Testing

• Purdue Dexterity Testing

• Customized Testing Available


• Background Checks

• Background Screening which includes Social Security match and state criminal background history

• Drug Testing Available

• Additional Services Offered

• Employee On-site Orientation

• Employee Arrival Checks

• Time Card Verification

• Individual, Group, Biometric Verification, and other methods of time card tracking available

• Company Tours

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