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Atlas Staffing is here to assist employees in finding the right position for their level of qualifications and experience. Whether it is temporary or trial to hire, entry level or skilled, our qualified staffing coordinators are here to assist you in finding employment.  We have 12 locations throughout the Twin Cities Metro and surrounding area to offer a large selection of employment opportunities.  Contact your local Atlas Staffing location today.  Your next phone call can put you on the path to success!

Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I apply?
You can apply online directly through our website.  Your application will be submitted through Adobe Acrobat.  Once the office of your choosing receives your completed application they will contact you for an in person interview.   You may also print a copy of our application from our web site, then fill it out at home and bring it to one of our locations during application hours.


When are applications taken?
You may view application hours for each office on our website.  If those times do not work for you please contact the office of your choosing to schedule an appointment.


When can I start?
Once the interview process is complete and depending on the skill level of the position that you are applying for, employment could be as soon as the next day. Typically, employment can begin within a one-week period.


What are the wages?
It depends on your skill level and what kind of work you are applying for. You tell us the wage you require and we will take it from there.


Why work for Atlas?
The opportunities are endless when working for Atlas Staffing.  You have the flexibility to try various types of work to determine the industry that is best suited for you.  We offer flexibility.  You decide what shift and what days you want to work.  You will receive exposure to many companies in your local communityIf you are looking for day to day assignments or full time trial to hire we have a variety of opportunities for you.


What types of jobs does Atlas Staffing have?
Atlas Staffing services a wide variety of industries including assembly, packaging, warehouse, plastics, machine operating, welding, clerical, sales, customer service, and more.



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