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Richfield - Maintenance Technician - Fabrication

Job Title:  Maintenance Technician – Fabrication

Job Location/City:  Eagan, MN

Type of Job:  Full Time

Hours/Days: 1st

Pay: DOQ




·         Perform preventative, corrective, and emergency maintenance on all production equipment in the facility

·         Monitor equipment performance, document repairs and failures, and control all maintenance recording on CNC routers, stone polishing machines, saws, water jets, air compressors, etc.

·         Control operation of the water treatment system, this includes metering water usage and tank water levels, filter maintenance (cleaning, changing, and repairing), and performing necessary maintenance on pneumatic diaphragm pumps (repair, rebuild, and replace)

·         Properly document the steps taken to conduct the repair including; all actions taken to rectify, parts replaced or consumed, materials, and conditions observed

·         Implement and sustain the preventative maintenance actions assigned

·         Conduct in depth troubleshooting analyzing circuits, mechanical interactions, and electronic failures to identify root cause of failure and repair

·         Identify, research, document and submit required parts order for preventative and corrective maintenance

·         Support configuration and electronic service updates as required

·         Provide support or make recommendations for new or existing equipment with regard to installation, upgrades or enhancements

·         Perform all assigned tasks per production priority, safety impact, operational direction and timelines

·         Responsible for ensuring Health and Safety procedures and safeguards are enforced




·         Minimum of 5 years preventative, corrective, and reactive maintenance performance or bachelor’s degree in related field and at least 1 year of experience

·         Strong technical electro-mechanical background

·         Hydraulics Systems, thorough understanding of pressure application, fluid interaction, and operations of pressurized systems

·         Experience with electronics, computers, sensors, circuit boards and troubleshooting
·         Must be able to demonstrate operation and understanding of a volt meter

·         Be able to troubleshoot, safely isolate, repair and operate electrical systems like electric motors; single, 3 phase and DC wiring.

·         Knowledge of troubleshooting, repairing and operating compressed air systems including, but not limited to: air compressors, pneumatic actuators, and sensors

·         Work independently with minimal supervision

·         Continuously drive to improve self, shop, team and equipment

·         Good housekeeping skills

·         Languages: English is required, bilingual in Spanish is a plus





How to apply/who to call if questions:

Please apply in person at our Richfield office,

We accept applications MONDAY - FRIDAY from 9:00 am- 4:00 pm, or by appointment

Phone: 612-345-5696

Atlas Staffing, Inc., 6509 Nicollet Ave S., Richfield, MN 55423


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