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Shakopee - Receiving and Inventory Technicians

Job Description:

Able to multi-task, manage multiple projects, communicate effectively, work successfully with other team members and possess a strong attention to detail. 

Job Responsibilities:

  • Properly receive all controlled and non-controlled items/materials. Verify picking slips and certifications for accuracy.
  •  Assign controlled identification numbers to raw materials and complet the necessary documentation per the standard operating procedure(s).
  • Coordinate with department supervisors/managers daily to asses material needs and fill department inventory transfer requests.
  • Collect and maintain correct material usage history data for all production materials.
  • Anticipate/determine material(s) demand and vendor lead times to eliminate production downtime.
  • Properly log all inventory movement of materials in and out of the inventory area(s).
  • Maintain proper stock of non-controlled items.
  • Provide data to the Purchasing Manager for end of year inventory.
  • Ensure all inventory logs/databases are up to date at all times, to ensure the availability of accurate inventory amounts of materials for department managers/supervisors.
  • Inspection of controlled materials according to component specifications and design drawings.
  • Ensure proper documentation is completed of the material inspection per the standard operating procedure(s).
  • Communicate with Purchasing Manager, Quality Department and Engineering Department as needed.

Skills and Requirements:
  • Previous experience with receiving and inventory control.
  • High School Diploma or equivalent 
  • Computer skills to log and work with word processing, spreadsheets, and other applications.
  • High accuracy and strong attention to detail
  • Ability to coordinate many projects in an orderly manner
  • Ability to read and use gages and measurement tools to perform inspection proficiently.
  • Ability to work as a team and independently.
  • Ability to pick up and carry up to 50+ pounds

How to apply:
Please apply in person at our Shakopee office, or you can shorten your time in our office by applying on-line at  If you have a resume available, be ready to submit your resume when you apply.

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