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St. Paul - Bakery Mixer

Job Title: Mixer

Job Location: River Falls, WI

Type of Job: Full time, Trial to Hire

Shift: Monday-Friday 1st shift: Monday-Friday 6:30am - 3pm

Pay: $13/hr based on previous experience

Short description of job duties: Ensures smaller quantities of ingredients are weight out according to mix record. Also monitors ingredients and finished mixes for any changes and reports changes immediately to management.

Job Requirements:

1.    Works with others in a team atmosphere.

2.    Complete set up of mixing area daily

3.    Ensuring all necessary oils are present in the quantities described on the mix record.

4.    Maintaining all paperwork in an orderly and legible fashion.

5.    Monitors ingredients, reporting any changes immediately to management.

6.    Follows mix procedures exactly for every mix.

7.    Checks lay outs for accuracy

8.    Assists drop operator as needed

9.    Maintains communication with Mix assistant, drop operator, lead and management.

10. Ensures all finished mixes and ingredients meet Best Maid quality standards.

11. Completes specified duties between mixes.

12. Keeps waste at a minimum.

13. Maintains constant pace with production.

14. Assists with general housekeeping of the mixing area.


• Positive attitude
• Ability to work independently
• Committed to safety at all times
• Excellent attendance and punctuality

*Must provide a Resume with good and relevant work history How to apply/who to call if questions:

Please apply in person at our St. Paul office, or you can shorten your time in our office by applying on-line at If you have a resume available, be ready to submit your resume when you apply.We accept applications MONDAY - THURSDAY from 10:00am-1:00pm, or by appointment.

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